Ellie Update

We’ve been so consumed with this whole potty training thing, I haven’t written about Ellie lately  She’s still perfectly amazing.  It’s thrilling how much joy such a little bundle has brought into our lives.  She’s snoozing in my arms right now and just had a huge smile spread across her face.  And now she’s snoring this adorable soft snore.  When she does open her eyes, she glances around trying to take everything in.  She’ll instantly turn her head toward the voices of Zoe, Zak, and me.  She slept for about six straight hours this weekend, allowing me to sleep for more than three consecutive hours in nearlt seven weeks.  She seems to be quite happy with this crazy thing we call life.

Unfortunately, living with a toddler during the winter cold season has caught up with Ellie.  She has clogged eye ducts that need frequent massaging throughout the day and a little cough.  My poor little munchkin.

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