Zak Freaks Out

We had just put Zoe to bed, I was washing my face, and Zak was picking Ellie up from her crib to bring downstairs. I hear a very panicked, “Molly! Molly! Molly!” I rush into the bedroom and assuming something is really, really wrong.  Zak says, “What would make Ellie wet?” as he points to […]

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Check These Out

Special thanks to Mary Berry for knitting these awesome cup holders for my mom, Zoe, Ellie, and me.  We’ll use them for our weekly trips to Starbucks.  [singlepic=6653,350,250] Also, check out the purse she made for Zoe filled with fun activites.  Ellie also received one and will be using it before too long! [singlepic=6651,350,250]

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Why are my pants wet?

I’ve been meaning to share one of my favorite pregnancy stories about Molly for a while now. . . Z and I were playing in the empty room when all of a sudden we heard from the kitchen “Either I just peed my pants or my water broke”. I figured that that wasn’t the kind […]

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Chocolate Cake

Back when I was pregnant with Zoe a coworker casually mentioned during one day that her husband (a culinary school graduate) baked her a chocolate cake shortly after she gave birth.  For some reason, that silly conversation stuck with me and soon after Zoe was born I made Zak get me a triple chocolate cake […]

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For the first week or so after Ellie was born, whenever Zoe kissed her we’d respond, “Awe!”  It was just instinct to us, because, quite frankly, it’s darling and heart melting to see your toddler smooch your newborn.  Zoe continues to kiss Ellie throughout the day, but now always follows each kiss with an, “Awe!!”  […]

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During a recent visit to Caribou Coffee, we treated Zoe to a M&M cookie. It was her first one and she loved the M&Ms, picking them out from around the plain cookie parts. [singlepic=6516,350,250]

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Oh Crap!

Thank the gods we learned this now. Hopefully we don’t make the same mistake with Ellie that we did with Zoe. It just makes you wonder what else we’ve been doing wrong.

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