#1, #2, Yellow, Orange

We’ve decided that in some situations it’s a lot easier to call Zoe, “Number One” and Ellie, “Number Two.”  It’s just more practical sometimes. Example: Me: 1 needs a new diaper. Zak: 2 just got one, but is hungry. Me: 2’s laundry is dry, could you bring it upstairs? Zak:  1 is ready for a […]

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1 Week Doctor’s Appointment

Ellie had her first doctor’s appointment this afternoon and did great.  It was the first time we’ve ever been to the office and not had to deal with loads and loads of tears.  She’s back to her birth weight and her length and head circumference are the same as when she was born.  So far, […]

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My Melted Heart

The other day Ellie was crying a lot (which is really out of character) and Zoe was quite concerned. Zoe rushed out of the room and quickly returned with a Kleenex for Ellie. Such a sweetheart.

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