Video Gallery – December 30, 2007

Christmas Day Zoe Happy? The World’s Most Amazing Balloon That Floated for a Month!!!

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Tax Break?

Only 33 hours and 36 minutes left to have this baby if we’re going to get the tax break for 2007. Much to Zak’s dismay, it’s not looking likely, although we are having Mexican for dinner.

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Christmas Week

We had a fabulous, fun-filled week with lots of celebrations and friends and family.  We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house and Zoe got her first taste of the whole Christms present thing.  She was a great little elf and handed each present to the appropriate present, gave my grandma all the ribbon fold […]

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These Days

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted, but we, like everyone else, have been so busy lately.  So here are a few updates. Zoe can recognize the letter T and points out every one we see while driving.  I now realize how many stop signs we come across.  She can also put on her own […]

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A “Martini”

It’s been a tough morning.  Zoe had gotten sick at some point during the night, but didn’t wake up until this morning.  The poor munchkin.  I’m pretty sure it was something she ate, as she has just a low, low grade fever, has been quite perky this morning, and hasn’t gotten sick again.  Regardless, she […]

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Snow Play

We had a big snowfall yesterday and Zoe got to rediscover a winter wonderland after forgetting it from last year.  It took me twenty-five minutes to bundle Zoe up, as it turns out snowpants and boots are a tad more difficult than one would think.  By the timee we were finally ready to go outside […]

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2nd Snow of the Year

We got our second big snow of the season yesterday. (The first was on Zoe’s birthday which she was very excited about) This one stuck around for a while though so we actually got a chance to go outside to play in it. Z was pretty cute, although quite apprehensive about the whole affair. She […]

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