A “Martini”

It’s been a tough morning.  Zoe had gotten sick at some point during the night, but didn’t wake up until this morning.  The poor munchkin.  I’m pretty sure it was something she ate, as she has just a low, low grade fever, has been quite perky this morning, and hasn’t gotten sick again.  Regardless, she spent the morning taking a long bath, being cozy in pajamas, and watching her fair share of Elmo.  I did laundry, obviously washing all her bedding, including her pillow that clearly stated it was machine washable.  It wasn’t.  It exploded in the machine, covering EVERYTHING with gobs of pillow fuzz.  Talk about a mess!

It was a morning that was quite different than we had planned, but Zoe is napping now and I’m drinking sparkling pomegranate juice out of a martini glass.  Just because it’s been that kind of morning.

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