Video Update – November 28, 2007

Zoe Wiiing, I can’t wait until she’s old enough to play Zoe’s Birthday Elmo

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2 Year Check-Up

Zoe had her now annual check up at the doctor on Friday.ย  The highlight of the appointment was that she didn’t need to get any immunizations this time!ย  We did know that she’d most likely be scared and would cry through the whole appointment, so we had her bring her new doctor kit and wear […]

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A Birthday Letter to Zoe

I debated about posting my yearly birthday letter to Zoe, thinking it might be too personal. Then I remembered that I really haven’t kept up with that baby book and if I don’t post it here, she’ll most likely never find it.   Dear Zoe, Happy Second Birthday! I truly canโ€™t believe you are already […]

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Video Update – November 21, 2007

Fall Activities Birthday Party Finger Painting Yummy Treat

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Hot or Cold!

For Zoe there is no in between.ย ย  Everything is hot! or cold!ย  There is no warm, cool, or room temperature.ย  And once something is hot or cold it will NEVER, ever be any other temperature.ย  Also, anything removed from the stove top, microwave, or oven is hot! hot! hot!!ย  And everything is hot or cold.ย  […]

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Zoe’s Second Birthday Party

Wow!ย  I can’t believe that Zoe’s almost two, but she is and we had a fabulous party to celebrate.ย  Six of her friends, their parents, and my family came over today to help party and I’m pretty sure all had a great time.ย  The kids made individual pizzas, wearing aprons and chef hats, played lots, […]

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She Quit!

The speech therapist!!!!ย  She quit today!ย  After just two weeks, one of which she canceled because she was “sick.”ย  Zoe had just one session and Zak and I were working so hard with all the strategies we were taught.ย  We’re back on the waiting list and there is no indication as to how long it […]

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31 Week Appointment

Yesterday was another doctor’s appointment for the baby and everything is still going great. I start going every two weeks now and each appointment will include a non-stress test, that will just add a bunch of time to each appointment. So much so that Zak (and Zoe) won’t be able to go anymore. We also […]

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A Weekend Apart

This past weekend Zoe spent with Grandma and Grandpa and Zak and I had a couple of days to wine and dine and shop for Zoe’s birthday and Christmas.ย  It’s always tough to be away from her, but it sure was nice to spend time with Zak.ย  Zoe also had a fabulous time, as did […]

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