Speech Therapy

Zoe had her first session of speech therapy this morning and went extremely well.Β  We really, really like the therapist and she is full of energy and passion to teach Zoe how to talk.Β  She strongly suggests we work on baby sign language to help Zoe not get as frustrated, and be more “talkative” around […]

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Popcorn Night

A while back, Zak and I found out that my parents have popcorn night each Thursday and we thought that sounded great, so we started the weekly treat.Β  It’s a great way to begin the end of the week and even more perfect considering we have to eat dinner at 4:45 to get Zoe to […]

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Is This the Burst?

About 95% of the people we tell about Zoe’s speech issues tell us that there will be a burst and she’ll just explode with language one day. They say, based on their own experiences, that the “burst” would happen at 18 months, then 21 months, then 22 months, then 24 months. We’ll Zoe’s exactly 23 […]

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Boo at the Zoo

Yesterday we went to Boo at the Zoo and had a fabulous time. Zoe wore her peacock costume with such pizazz and totally worked the crowd. She got to take part in the costume parade and rode on Zak’s shoulders waving to the onlookers. We had been a bit concerned that the feathers and glitter […]

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A Night Out on the Town

Saturday night my parents took Zak and I out or dinner at Italian Village and to the Kathy Griffin show.Β  It was the first time in two years that we’ve gone out with them without Zoe and it was great!!Β  Michael and Sara babysat Zoe and I got the impression that they all had fun.Β  […]

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If Hillary is elected, there will have been a Bush or a Clinton as President/Vice President since 1980.Β  That’s my entire life!!

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A New Discovery

Today during lunch, Zoe discovered that her fingers fit perfectly in her ears.Β  She can put a finger in both ears at the same time.Β  What entertainment!

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A Parenting Milestone

We had a beautiful piece of salmon and a roasted broccoli for dinner.Β  Not the most exciting, but good nonetheless.Β  At least Zak and I thought so.Β  Zoe did not.Β  She ate a few bites of the salmon and then started a crazy combination of sobbing and screaming.Β  All she wanted was the fruit that […]

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Halloween Costumes

This evening I was telling Zak about the countless people that have come up to Zoe and me in the last two weeks and said that she should be a pumpkin for Halloween, because of her hair.Β  We agreed that the people only meant well, but it was still kind of rude.Β  He said that […]

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