Video Update – September 26,2007

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Apple Crisp

Zoe made an awesome apple crisp yesterday, thanks to a Martha recipe.  The crumble part was fabulous and the method was new to me.  I’m posting the recipe, just in case anyone’s interested.  Although, it may have been Zoe’s magic touch (half eaten/prechewed apple slices) that made it so yummy.

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A New Important Skill

This is big.  Very big.  Zoe burped yesterday, thought it was hilarious as usual, and has been fake burping since then.  She puts a lot of effort into it, sticks her neck out, and lets out a really bad fake belch.  Then laughs like crazy.  I thought that by only having girls I’d be off […]

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A Fun Day

Today was the first day since school started that Zoe and I had nothing going on.  There was no need to even get in the car all day.  All our errands for the week are finished, our Tuesday class was canceled, we had no play dates scheduled.  So the big question was, “What are we […]

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A Much Better Day

We’ve had a brilliant day!  Zoe’s mood has done nothing but improve since her great morning.  We went to our Y class and Zoe had a good enough time, in spite of the complete lack of organization and the utter chaos.  (I call it the “Crappy Y Class” while rolling my eyes to Zak, but […]

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Zoe and I are eating breakfast now (and I’m being a not so great mom by checking e-mails and stuff.)  Zoe’s in one of the most chipper moods I’ve seen her in a long time.  She’s gleefully eating her French toast, wearing my favorite sumer dress of hers (possibly for the last time) and her […]

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What A Day

Zoe and I had quite an adventurous day.  I noticed somethings not right about her nether region this morning when I changed her diaper, so I called the pediatrician and make a sick appointment for today at 11:15.  Fortunately, we didn’t have miss our morning gym class that she loves so much.  After class we […]

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Speech Evaluation

Zoe had her speech and developmental evaluation this morning.  First of all, she was great, not at all intimidated, totally herself the whole time.  After an hour long evaluation consisting of lots of questions for me and Zoe playing with lots of different toys and looking at pictures, the results were in.  For the good […]

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Emmy Night

Zak and I put Zoe down for bed about 45 minutes ago, after a crazy fun day of apple picking and a Bear’s party with some friends.  We’re finishing up a later dinner and watching the Emmy’s.  We put it on pause a few minutes ago and heard Zoe blowing raspberries over and over and […]

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