A Much Better Day

We’ve had a brilliant day!  Zoe’s mood has done nothing but improve since her great morning.  We went to our Y class and Zoe had a good enough time, in spite of the complete lack of organization and the utter chaos.  (I call it the “Crappy Y Class” while rolling my eyes to Zak, but the “Super Fun Y Class” with an ear to ear smile to Zoe.)  After class we went to the zoo and just relaxed.  Zoe was once again fascinated by the baboons and laughed uncontrollably at the elephants while they were throwing dirt on themselves.  We made our way to the Hamill Family Play Zoo and Zoe made a tail she can stick into her pants, watered the pants, and swept up around the lemur area.  We had a simply fabulous morning.  Zak will be home at his usual early time and I get to go out with girlfriends for wine/water and cheese this evening.  Yea!

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