What A Day

Zoe and I had quite an adventurous day.  I noticed somethings not right about her nether region this morning when I changed her diaper, so I called the pediatrician and make a sick appointment for today at 11:15.  Fortunately, we didn’t have miss our morning gym class that she loves so much.  After class we went to the doctor’s office and Zoe had to tinkle in a bag they attached to her.  She was not thrilled with being at the office and bawled each time the doctor or nurse came near her.  I think the whole situation made her nervous and she wouldn’t go to the bathroom.  She drank seventeen ounces of water over two hours before finally going.  You should have seen us, the only ones in the whole dark office (during the lunch hour), Zoe in nothing but a diaper and a bag, me trying to get Zoe to drink more water and keep her happy and entertained.  We all danced a little victory dance when she went.  The initial tests were inconclusive, but they’re doing more.  By the time we got home we had missed lunch and the start of  nap time.  I quickly fed her some string cheese and some fruit before putting her down for her nap.

I had to wake her after an hour and fifteen minutes so we could get back in the car and go to another doctor’s appointment.  It was my 23 week appointment for the baby this afternoon.  Fortunately, the wait and appointment were both short and Zoe was phenomenal the whole time.  All is great with the baby.  Her heart rate was 147 beats per minute and everything was measuring just right.  Zak had a meeting this afternoon and wasn’t able to make it to the appointment.

It was one of those days that was just nonstop, full of worry and anxiety, but everything worked out.  I was giving Zoe a bath tonight and had a monster headache, was tired and sore and very hungry.  Meanwhile, Zoe who had the same day as I did only significantly worse with the whole bag thing, possible infection, and a super short nap was peacefully pouring water between containers, having a relaxing bath.  It put the day in perspective for me and made me love her like mad all over again.

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