She Quit!

The speech therapist!!!!  She quit today!  After just two weeks, one of which she canceled because she was “sick.”  Zoe had just one session and Zak and I were working so hard with all the strategies we were taught.  We’re back on the waiting list and there is no indication as to how long it […]

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31 Week Appointment

Yesterday was another doctor’s appointment for the baby and everything is still going great. I start going every two weeks now and each appointment will include a non-stress test, that will just add a bunch of time to each appointment. So much so that Zak (and Zoe) won’t be able to go anymore. We also […]

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A Weekend Apart

This past weekend Zoe spent with Grandma and Grandpa and Zak and I had a couple of days to wine and dine and shop for Zoe’s birthday and Christmas.  It’s always tough to be away from her, but it sure was nice to spend time with Zak.  Zoe also had a fabulous time, as did […]

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Orange is the only color word that Zoe knows how to say and is always the response to any question that begins, “What color is…”  How bizarre is it that she can say is a word that rhymes with no other word, therefore preventing us to help her turn it into other similar words.  What […]

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We got a packet in the mail the other day informing us of all our rights now that Zoe is officially part of the special education program in the state of Illinois.   [singlepic=5905,250,350]  

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