2 Year Check-Up

Zoe had her now annual check up at the doctor on Friday.  The highlight of the appointment was that she didn’t need to get any immunizations this time!  We did know that she’d most likely be scared and would cry through the whole appointment, so we had her bring her new doctor kit and wear the stethoscope.  It actually worked and she didn’t cry or fuse at all!

All in all, Zoe is doing great.  She’s 37 inches tall and 37 pounds.  That puts her at the 75th percentile for height for 3 year olds and 95th percentile for weight for 3 year olds.  Basically, she’s completely off the charts for 2 year olds!  The doctor gave us a few tips to help with the whole new baby transition thing, told us that toys from China are still ok, and answered all the silly questions that Zak and I were able to come up with.

We’re happy we have a healthy two year old!!

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