A Birthday Letter to Zoe

I debated about posting my yearly birthday letter to Zoe, thinking it might be too personal. Then I remembered that I really haven’t kept up with that baby book and if I don’t post it here, she’ll most likely never find it.


Dear Zoe,

Happy Second Birthday! I truly can’t believe you are already two. I don’t know where the time has gone, but it has been amazing.

You are growing into a remarkable person. You are ridiculously compassionate, always offering toys, food, love to those around you. Not a meal goes by without you offering us a piece of waffle of bite of peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You are slightly disappointed when we turn down the smooshy chunk of your meal, but will pop it into your mouth anyway, often offering us the next bite as well.

You have made a number of cute little friends and seem to enjoy playing with other kids. We have play dates on a fairly regular basis and, again, you are always willing to share toys and are totally amused by how the other kids play. I think you sometimes feel that watching others is a bit better than watching Elmo on TV.

You’ve had a sense of humor from very early on, but it has just expanded this past year. I don’t know how you do it, but your timing is amazing. You truly get a kick out of making others laugh. And once we start giggling with you, your face lights up and you continue to do that funny thing that got us all going in the first place.

You are the constant center of our lives now and we love it that way. However, all of our lives are about to change dramatically. In just a month and a half you are going to be a big sister and I know you are going to be simply amazing. Although, I don’t really think you get how different life is going to be, you are so excited. You love the fact that you got to give the baby your crib, rug, and old toys. You get giddy when we talk about tickling her toes and fingers. You seem to be totally willing to share Bub Bub with her, even though we’ve let you know that you will never have to. You are going to be a great sister and I am so excited to see you jump into the role.

Zoe, you are so full of love to share with others. The people in your life are so important to you and you chat about them on such a regular basis. You love daddy and me so much and constantly do little things to let us know. There is a special spot in your heart for Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Mike, and all of your other relatives. In fact, you love looking at photographs of your life so far and joyfully point to the special people you love and name them.

I certainly entered your second year not knowing what I was doing or what adventures you’d bring into my life, but you honestly brought tremendous joy into each day. Laughs, smiles, kisses, and cuddles are a part of our daily lives and I can not imagine life another way. Zoe, I love, love, love you and am so looking forward to all that this next year will bring.



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