Hot or Cold!

For Zoe there is no in between.   Everything is hot! or cold!  There is no warm, cool, or room temperature.  And once something is hot or cold it will NEVER, ever be any other temperature.  Also, anything removed from the stove top, microwave, or oven is hot! hot! hot!!  And everything is hot or cold.  Everything.  It goes well beyond food.  Cups are hot.   Our front door is cold, but one particular friend’s door is always hot.

Zoe has started to apply her temperature gauge to herself as well.  We’ll enter a store and after a few minutes she’ll insist on her coat being removed, loudly declaring her hotness to all within earshot.  As soon as we get into the car, she whips off her hat, shouting “Hot!!”  Recently, Zoe has decided that she is almost always hot in the house, furiously attempting to rip off all her clothes.  She’ll wrestle a sock or her shirt and once it is successfully off she’ll smile proudly and once again proclaim that she is “Hot!”  She’s spent a bunch of time lately playing in just a diaper, because the cool 68 degrees we keep the house at is just too hot for her.

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