Snow Play

We had a big snowfall yesterday and Zoe got to rediscover a winter wonderland after forgetting it from last year.  It took me twenty-five minutes to bundle Zoe up, as it turns out snowpants and boots are a tad more difficult than one would think.  By the timee we were finally ready to go outside Zoe resembled a very brightly dressed Michelin Man.  At first she was quite unsure of even walking on the shoveled sidewalk and stood in the same spot for minutes.  I convinced her that it was ok to walk beyond the front step and she cautiously inched along.  Each step resulted in a few clumps of snow stuck to her boots and that was not ok with Zoe.  She hollered “Oh No!!!” while frantically pointing to her boots.  Again, I had to convince her it was not a big deal and it happens when you play in the snow.  We eventually made it to the end of the walk and she strolled up and down the sidewalk, enjoying the crisp coldness.  It took a long time, but she eventually started walking in the yard, burying her boot with each step.  She discovered that she could kick the snow and found that to be hilarious.  We walked around the house twice and I think she really enjoyed it.  I showed her how to make a snowball, but she refused to touch the snow at all, but loved having snowballs tossed at her.  I’m sure by the end of winter she’ll be making snow angels and building snowmen.

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