2nd Snow of the Year

We got our second big snow of the season yesterday. (The first was on Zoe’s birthday which she was very excited about) This one stuck around for a while though so we actually got a chance to go outside to play in it. Z was pretty cute, although quite apprehensive about the whole affair. She seemed to be ok with walking in it after a while and even got to the point where she would kick it. She absolutely refuse to touch it though.

I tried to persuade her to brush some of it off the table in the backyard and she won’t have anything to do with that. For some odd reason though it was absolutely hilarious when I threw snowballs at her.

She also got to see the dancing penguin our neighbors had put up. She was transfixed for a while, and then burst out into her version of I’m a little teapot (actions – no words). I’m not sure that’s quite what the penguins had in mind, but Z was right in that they were pretty tipsy.

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