These Days

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted, but we, like everyone else, have been so busy lately.  So here are a few updates.

Zoe can recognize the letter T and points out every one we see while driving.  I now realize how many stop signs we come across.  She can also put on her own pajama pants.  Two important skills for general well being.

On Monday our new speech therapist, Ms. Carol, started and we love her!!  She’s very honest and blunt, but is 100% committed to helping Zoe.  She has been teaching for years in an early childhood school in Chicago and, I imagine, as come across every speech delay situation at some point.  She told us upfront what Zak and I were doing wrong and what we need to change in our every day lives.  The previous speech therapist who quit had suggested teaching Zoe sign language, and Zak and I were not convinced it was what Zoe needed and her pediatrician was not on board either.  It turns out that the new one does not agree with teaching signs to kids with Zoe’s issues who are not hard of hearing or live in a hard of hearing household.  Instead, we’re going to work really hard to get this munchkin talking.  I am so encouraged to have a knowledgeable, commit person to help us and already see a few small changes.

Everything is going quite well with the pregnancy/baby.  We’ve finished the room and washed all the laundry, so all we need now is a baby!   I have weekly non-stress tests to measure her movement and heart rate and she’s passed each time.  We officially scheduled the c-section for January 8th at 1:00.  We totally find the humor in scheduling your child’s birthday, but it is kind of nice knowing as it makes planning a bit easier.  We’ll see if she stays put until then.

One last thing.  Did you notice the last two photo updates?  It took us hours, literally, to take her Christmas picture.  And she was sick, so she certainly was a trooper.  I think we captured a decent one and we’re all thankful it’s over, until next year when we’re going to have to do it with two kids.

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