Chocolate Cake

Back when I was pregnant with Zoe a coworker casually mentioned during one day that her husband (a culinary school graduate) baked her a chocolate cake shortly after she gave birth.  For some reason, that silly conversation stuck with me and soon after Zoe was born I made Zak get me a triple chocolate cake from Sam’s.  Do you know that cake?  It’s very chocolaty and serves 32.  I ate it all within a week.  Once again, I was very excited and quite blatantly hinted to Zak that this time around I wanted my chocolate cake from Kirschbaum’s Bakery.  Well, much to my joy on Friday afternoon he walked in the door with a beautiful chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting and strawberry filling.  And it’s delicious.  He did say that while ordering it they asked what size cake he wanted.  He didn’t want to say that he needed a cake for just his wife, so he said he needed one to feed eight people.  They said an eight inch cake would be enough, but if he wanted leftovers he should go with a nine inch (which he did.)
And on Sunday we joined the gym.

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