I was at a conference yesterday learning all about reading strategies and I decided I would try to implement one of them in my class. As an example I made up this brainstorming map.

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Ellie Update

We’ve been so consumed with this whole potty training thing, I haven’t written about Ellie lately  She’s still perfectly amazing.  It’s thrilling how much joy such a little bundle has brought into our lives.  She’s snoozing in my arms right now and just had a huge smile spread across her face.  And now she’s snoring […]

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Conversation With a Student

An excerpt of my day as I returned a test to students: Student: I am so tired of failing tests, I can’t stand this any more Me: That’s great to hear, I’d be happy to help you out however I can. Make sure you keep up with things and come see me when you have […]

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