Leap Day

Happy Leap Day!

For those of you who may not be familiar with my daylight savings theory let me fill you in first. It seems to me that the extra hour I get each fall should be my hour and that if I don’t feel like taking it in the middle of the night on some random Saturday I should be able to bank it for some other time. This drives Molly crazy since we often go up to a week with me living on “Zak time” and the rest of the world on “real time” but I figure it’s my prerogative.

This year I’ve decided to apply the same principle to leap day. Since it’s my extra day I would much rather take it during the summer when I’m off of work than today, a normal average Friday when I have to be working. So for me today will be March 1st. I know it will be confusing for a couple months, but it’ll be worth it when July 32 rolls around!

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