TV Hell (part 7)

The next day Molly (after bringing Zoe to the doctor for her ear infection) returned home at 12:30 to find a note from FedEx that they had attempted to deliver the package and no one had been home. I found it a little unnerving that FedEx seemed to think that 12:30 fell between 2 and 4 PM (perhaps they’re using some sort of modified Zak time). I called 1-800-FedEx at about 1:30 and explained the Central Standard Time zone, as well as the modifications made for Daylight Savings, to the person who answered the phone. She told me “I will put in a request for redelivery, but I can’t guarantee that they will be able to, hold please”. After holding I told her that since she couldn’t guarantee delivery I’d like to speak to someone who could.

After holding for a few more minutes I got to speak to another “supervisor” who did guarantee they would redeliver that afternoon. And guess what! When I got home that afternoon there was a brand new 26 inch TV WITH a built in DVD player. I’m not sure where Polaroid scrounged the DVD player up from or if they had built it just for us but our TV was finally home.

Zoe was incredibly excited. She was a bit bummed when it left because we had let her watch Elmo on it a couple times before it broke. Back at the beginning of this saga we had told Zoe that it wasn’t working so it had to go get fixed. This was all back before she could talk much, but one of the few words she knew was “babas” or “batteries”. So for the past couple months any time the TV came up Zoe would helpfully explain that it had gone to California for batteries. As soon as she found out what was in the box she cheered, clapped, and wanted to open it immediately. She was a great helper opening it up and even helped screw on the base.

We brought it upstairs, hooked it up, and for the first time in 2 months, watched Elmo upstairs!

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