TV Hell (part 6)

The next day I got a message from Mr. Anderson with a FedEx tracking number! He had even sent it 2 day express so we were expecting to receive it the following Monday morning. Unfortunately, Molly and the girls had plans both Monday and Tuesday mornings so Tuesday evening (after taking Zoe out for Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!) we headed over to our local FedEx to pick it up.

By “local” FedEx I mean about 15 minutes each way, not horrible, but it was getting pretty close to Z’s bedtime and E was due to eat before too long. When we got there I left the girls in the car and went in thinking it would be a relatively easy transaction. The door tag they had left said it would be available for pickup after 5:30 at it was 7:30 so even if the driver had been running late I seemed to be in good shape.

After handing over the tag and my ID to the clerk she said she’d be right back with our package. 5 minutes pass . . . 10 minutes . . . 15 . . . 20 minutes later she came back to tell me that my package had mistakenly been sent to O’Hare but that they would probably be able to try to deliver it again the next day. Knowing that there wouldn’t be anyone there to pick it up I realized that this meant another trip to FedEx the following evening. I got kind of mad, and then left.

After getting home and getting Zoe to bed I called up 1-800-FedEx (1-800-463-3339) where after explaining what had happened to them I borrowed a line from Michael Paris and told them they would be delivering it the following day between 2 and 4 in the afternoon (I resisted the urge to go Larry style and tell them that I didn’t care if they had to miss their mother’s funeral to do it).

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