TV Hell (part 5)

After finding the top secret Polaroid number (1-800-232-5000 or 1-800-343-5000) I explained my situation once again and within 30 seconds was transfered to someone who actually was a manager, Johnnie Holden. Mr. Holden informed me that I was the 4th person he’d spoken to that day with the same complaint and that although that wasn’t his division, someone would get back to me within 48 hours. 48 hours later, after nothing had happened, later I gave Mr. Holden a call back. He said he would check on the situation and that again after 48 hours if I hadn’t heard anything to give him a call back. 48 hours later I gave him a call back. The next day I finally heard from Jonathan Anderson who, after all the layers I’d been bumped up through, has got to be the CEO of the entire company. Mr. Anderson apologized for the “hell I’d been going through the last couple months” I told him I that was being a bit dramatic as it was, after all, only a TV, but that I hoped he’d be able to help me resolve the situation.

He asked what he could do to resolve it for me (Molly had suggested asking for an SLR along with the TV, which perhaps wouldn’t have been a bad idea) but I told him that all we wanted was either 1) A TV or 2) A refund so that we could go buy a TV, and that it didn’t matter to me which as long as it was in the mail the next day. He explained that they couldn’t offer a refund but that he’d be happy to send me a TV. Unfortunately, since Polaroid no longer handled the particular model we had purchased he couldn’t give us a 19 inch with a DVD player. We were offered the option of either taking a 19 inch loaner until ours could be repaired or a 26 inch without DVD that we could have to keep.

The 26 inch deal seemed pretty appealing, but I wasn’t sure that it would fit in the bedroom so I told him I’d have to measure and give him a call back. Fortunately, I discovered that it would (barely) fit in the space we had reserved for it so I called him back the next day to tell him to send it.

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