Easter Weekend

Ellie’s first Easter was just delightful.  We dyed eggs on Saturday.  Situations like egg dying can make me a little uptight because I like things to look perfectly Martha style.  Give a two year old breakable eggs and concentrated dye and no one can expect perfection.  However, thanks to some planning and a bit of control on my part, every one of Zoe’s eggs could have been part of the next photo shoot for Living.  Zoe enjoyed spooning the dye over each egg, often working on three eggs at a time.

Unfortunately, the Easter Bunny didn’t have time to stop at our house during the night, but came on Easter day during Zoe’s nap.  Since we didn’t have to hunt for eggs, we left the house in our Easter clothes bright and early .  We went to visit my Grandpa Owen in the hospital, still recovering from his leg surgery.  He was in great spirits and Zoe really enjoyed visiting with him.

My parents are in the middle of a two week Hawaiian cruise and missed out on Easter this year.  Since we couldn’t celebrate with them we met Michael and Sara for brunch at Villa Olivia.  Zoe had never had brunch before and tried a bit of everything.  She had shrimp, grapes, french toast with strawberries, lamb (which she loved), pasta with sauce, pineapple, and sausage.  Then of course she had dessert….doughnut, tapioca pudding, a big scoop of chocolate ice cream, 3 or 4 mini cakes.  Also, we let her have chocolate milk for the first time.  We all decided we want brunch to be a new tradition.

We made our way home for nap time and at some point that Easter Bunny finally made his way to our house.  Zoe just had a ball finding the eggs, baskets, and gifts.  She got a bubble lawn mower and our carpet has never been shorter.  She also received a tee ball set, which she loves!  She has great hand-eye coordination it turns out and does an awesome job hitting the ball.

We went out for Italian with Grandpa Harry and, again, had a nice time.  He couldn’t get over the portion sizes (which were very typical of an Italian restaurant) and has called three times today to tell me he’ll get three left-over meals from  his doggie bag.

All in all, it was a great day and the girls looked beautiful all dressed up in their fancy dresses.

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