We rarely watch Saturday Night Live anymore, but recored the season finale with Steve Carell. I thought most of it was pretty dull (which is why we don’t watch it often…I mean a WHOLE 10 minute sketch of names that sound funny to eighth grade boys being read aloud ?!?!) I did enjoy this little […]

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Zoe’s Eating

Z has been so funny with food lately, she’s been a bit hesitant to try new things. This was really frustrating to Molly and I because for most of the things she refuses to try we’re about 90% sure that she’d like them if she did. We came up with a system where we tell […]

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Photo Session

The other day Zoe and Ellie both wore their tutu shirts (I never thought I’d be THAT mom.) I wanted to capture a photograph of them together, but Zoe insisted on having her baby doll in the picture. I told her we could take a few with the baby and then a few without. She […]

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