Zoe’s Eating

Z has been so funny with food lately, she’s been a bit hesitant to try new things. This was really frustrating to Molly and I because for most of the things she refuses to try we’re about 90% sure that she’d like them if she did. We came up with a system where we tell her that all she has to do is put it in her mouth and if she doesn’t like it she can take it back out. So far the only thing that she’s taken back out is tomato, which is really weird because she loves salsa, soup, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce and pretty much anything else that’s made from tomatoes that doesn’t actually look like a tomato.

On the other had we have gotten her to eat everything from artichoke to smoked chicken, peppers and more. It’s kind of frustrating to see her go from screams of “No, No eat that!” to a very happy “Like that, Dad!” but as long as it works I guess we’ll keep it up.

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