American Idol

Yes!  Yes! Yes!!  I love my new idol!!! Poor David Archuleta  though.  His dad is totally going to beat him now. (That was uncalled for, Molly.  Sorry, if I offended you.)

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Safety First

I just discovered this product. We didn’t have them for Zoe when she was a crawler, and you should see the condition of her knees. I think they’re a must have for Miss Ellie! Click here to purchase them for Ellie, because I know there is no way in hell Zak will spend money on […]

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Ellie Wants a Cookie

The other morning as I was getting ready for school Ellie and Molly came down to say goodbye. Ellie didn’t really seem to be too interested in me though. In fact, she was transfixed on the cookie that I was packing up to bring with me for lunch. It wasn’t until I held it up […]

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