Kleenex: Part 2

As a refresher, read April 24th entry.

We had planned on removing that Kleenex box from Zoe’s bed when it was empty, but she’s such a creature of routine and was not at all willing to give it up. Instead, we have to refill that box every week or so with a handful of new tissues. Occasionally, we’ll still find a Kleenex ball or two over the side of her bed.

Recently, Zoe took her relationship with that cardboard box to a whole new level. When we kiss her goodnight we usually see her cuddled up with BubBub. Last week this is how we found her:


Awe! So cute!

A few mornings later, she accidentally put her foot in the box and found it to be the funniest thing ever! There is no better way to start they day, than listening to Zoe’s deep belly laugh.


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