Pet Parade

Saturday was the 62nd Annual LaGrange Pet Parade in downtown LaGrange. This was only our second time going; however, my mom also joined us, reliving memories from her childhood. When one first hears of a pet parade they probably picture families walking their pets down the street.


But it’s so much more than that. In fact, the announcer informed us that it’s “the largest pet parade of it’s kind in the WORLD!!”




The LTHS marching band performed.





There were many dogs.




As well as cats.



And a lion.


And some llamas.



A camel.


There were other fun groups as well.



Singing clowns.


Drill teams.


Those goofy Medinah Shriners.


Mrs. Illinois/America


And of course the Jesse White Tumblers.


We had a lot of fun!




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