Language Exploration

Ellie’s full first name is Ellia. It’s pronounced el-lee-a. Or at least that’s how we pronounce it. We like to call her Ellia occasionally and just to be super silly I add an “a” on to Zoe’s name, Zoea. Zoe thinks this is cute and giggles each time her name is said like this.

Yesterday, all on her own she started adding “ee-a” to EVERYONE’S name. I’m Mommia. Zak is Daddia. There’s BubBubia, Grandmaia, Grandpaia, Uncle Mikia. Saraia is too hard for her to say. It was cute. It was fun. We encourage her to come up with more names. Grandpa Harria. Grandma Bettia. Grandpa Owenia.

Then some switch went off her in her head and she CAN’T go back to normal!!!! She’s insisting on adding “ee-a” to all names, so now I have ignore this cute behavior.

She wants you to know that she’s looking forward to swimming tonight with Anabellia, Aidania, and Lukia. Daddia has a work thing, so Mommia is going to take her. Ellia is going to hang out with our friends. At least little Ellie’s name is right!

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