Remember this conversation?


It was the one when the dentist told Zoe she can’t suck her thumb anymore.

Well, Zoe remembered it and hasn’t sucked her thumb since. Seriously. It’s been a week, and Zoe’s thumb has NOT once entered her mouth. I don’t know why she listened to him, but she took his advice to heart and made the decision to stop her thumb sucking habit.

Right after the dentist appointment, Zoe went down for a nap. She cried and cried to herself, “I want to suck my thumb! I want to suck my thumb!” But the girl is so determined. She didn’t. After her nap she declared, “I don’t suck my thumb anymore.”

What the heck?!? I can’t tell you the number of conversations we’ve had with her regarding this issue. We’ve told her she’s a big girl now and only babies suck their thumb. We’ve told her she doesn’t look cute with that thumb in her mouth constantly. We’ve even told her that she’s going to have to get braces, which means we most likely won’t be able to send her to college, resulting in a crappy job. Nothing has worked.

Except that dentist. To show our gratitude we’re thinking about sending him cash. Inappropriate?

Now I wish he’d tell Ellie to sleep through the night every night. And tell me to watch my carbs. And tell Zak he needs to dust more often. Then we’d send him some serious dough!

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