Happy Father’s Day

To Zak: For being the best. For finding humor and positiveness in everything, dammit. For the adventures you bring into our life. For not being afraid of trying new parenting things. For putting up with me and my long days. For working so hard for us. For making both the girls laugh. Hard. Really hard. For being the best daddy to our little girls

To my Dad for being so supportive, funny, and wise. Always helpful, willing to do anything and everything for us. For being such a phenomenal grandpa to the girls. Fun, loving, creative. For distracting Zoe when needed and making her laugh and letting her explore the world with you. (Like sending that balloon to the moon!)

To my Grandpas.

Grandpa Owen. For your never ending strength and courage. For your subtle humor that cracks me up. And for being so great with Zoe and Ellie.

Grandpa Harry. For your uplifting attitude. For your crazy independence. For your humor. For loving those two girls so much. And for every message you’ve left on our answering machine. (Hiiii! It’s Grandpa Harry. Nothing new here. Just calling to check in. Etc. Etc. Etc.)

Grandpa Knott. For your gentle spirit that makes me so proud to be part of your family. And for joyfully loving the great grandkids from such a long distance.

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