Really?! Anywhere?!

Our DVD player doesn’t work, so if Zoe watches a video it has to be on the laptop or on the portable travel DVD player. She usually sits at the dining room table to watch her friends, Clifford or Elmo. The other day, I told her she could watch Clifford anywhere she wanted in the whole house. Anywhere! I thought she’d pick somewhere comfy like the big chair in the family room, or somewhere silly like the bathroom. But I was mistaken. She immediately ran to the kitchen and pointed to a spot on the floor in the middle of the room. That was where she wanted to sit and she was making it very clear. I questioned her choice and asked if she’d rather pick a spot with a chair or a pillow or something to make the viewing experience more comfortable. No! No! No! Right there! In the middle of the kitchen! So there she plopped. In the middle of the floor. With cute pigtails and a little snack, she enjoyed the Clifford video.




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