Garage Sales

There are two things I just don’t do. I don’t do nature. And I don’t do garage sales. Neither is up my alley at all. That being said, here’s a whole post about garage saleing.

We spent Friday night at my parents and it happened to be Mill Creek garage sale weekend. Zak was simply ecstatic. He and Zoe planned to wake early to get the the good deals. My parents, Ellie, and I had no intention to sorting through other people’s crap, but some how we all ended up walking through the neighborhood. I only decided to go because I’ve really wanted a Bumbo seat for Ellie for quite a while, but Zak was resistant to spending the $35. I figured this could be my only chance at finding one.

Zak immediately found Zoe a tricycle. We’ve thought about getting one for her this spring and Zak just couldn’t pass up this one (a $80 value for $8.) It’s not the one I would have picked, but I had no say in the matter. Besides, Zoe loves it.


(We were still at my parent’s when this picture was taken. She wears a helmet at home.)

So, it’s 10:30, we’re walking through the neighborhood, Zoe’s eating a cookie bought from a cute eight year old kid, my dad and Zak are drinking beers, and I’m complaining that we haven’t seen a Bumbo seat yet. Zak informs me that you can’t go garage saleing with something in mind. It just doesn’t work that way. At the exact moment he tells me that, I notice the trademark hexagon-shaped Bumbo box from across the street. I jut into the the street, hollering back to my family, “I found one! A Bumbo Seat! Look!” Thankfully, no cars were coming, or I would have been squashed…no car was getting between me and that seat. (I was concerned about the couple in their forties looking as something else on the same table.) I open the box and find that the seat is in fabulous condition (turns out the kid only used it a few times) and it was PINK!!!! I found a freaking perfect pink Bumbo seat! What are the chances!?!?! I immediately give the guy the $10 he was asking.

Usually, Zak bargains prices down with the sellers. My mom questioned why we didn’t this time around. Zak said that when you are running across the street excitedly shouting about what you want to buy, all chances of a successful negotiation are gone. I don’t care though. I found exactly what I was looking for AND Ellie is in love with her new Bumbo seat.


(Zak, how do I flip this picture?)

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