Out and About

Ellie’s first trip out of the house was last Thursday.  Zak had taken a half day and was home about 10.  The four of us went to Caribou Coffee and enjoyed some hot beverages and time out of the house.  We then went to Target, which was Zoe’s first trip as well.  Ellie slept the whole time and probably didn’t even realize we had left home.  Then last Friday, my mom, Zoe, and I took Ellie to Starbucks for her first time.  She’s got many, many Starbuck trips in her future. 

Sunday was Ellie’s first trip to Geneva.  We all headed out there to watch the Packers game.  It was nice that there were lots of people to entertain Zoe and many arms to hold Ellie.  We had planned on coming home after the game, but decided it would be easier just to spend the night.  So, Ellie’s first over night visit was totally impromptu, but was a lot of fun.

Yesterday, my dad came over to watch Ellie and I took Zoe to her Swingin’ and Singin’ class.  It was great to spend some individual time with her and watch her play and sing.  She loves that class so much and next week will get to introduce Ellie to her little friends. 

Tomorrow is our first day alone, as either Zak has taken a half day or my mom has been here everyday since we got home.  It’s been a great help to have assistance, but I guess do have to do it on my own at some point…and that point is tomorrow.  Ahh!

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