A Bit About Ellie

Ellie Elizabeth:

This is what we know of our Ellie.  She has beautiful, deep blue eyes and these adorable lips that she loves to pucker up into a tiny circle.  We debate each day about that color her hair will be, but it’s a brownish blonde now.  Most of the time.  Occasionally it’s a bit red, depending on the light.  Ellia’s fingers are slender and so long and dainty.  Her feet are narrow and her toes are just tiny balls at the end of her body.  She’s a just little munchkin, barely filling her newborn sleepers.  In fact, she often bends her arms, completely losing them in her sleeves.  Her legs are just these tiny toothpicks with little bony knees in the middle.

Ellie has an extremely calm demeanor.  She very rarely fusses and has adapted quite well to the constant noises, kisses, and action of living with a two year old.  She sleeps a lot, about 27 hours a day.  When she does open her eyes, she gazes around, attempting to take in her surroundings.  The look on her face makes us think that she feels it’s just to hard to be awake, so she’ll quietly slip back into a sleep.

Thus far, Ellia has been nothing but a dream baby and we’re all so madly in love with her.

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