Potty Training?

This morning, like most mornings, Zoe and I had finished showering and I was putting on make-up while naked Zoe played in the the bathroom.  By pointing she told me she wanted the toilet lid up, so I lifted it.  Then she indicated that she wanted to sit on the toilet.  She sat for about 45 seconds in complete silence, concentrating.   She then reached for some toilet paper and wiped her bum.  She got down, shut the lid, and flushed the toilet.  Next, she wanted her hands washed.  About 10 seconds after finishing drying her hands, she peed all over the floor.  Is it possible she knew she had to go?  I wonder.

One thought on “Potty Training?

  1. Wow, cool. Go Zoe! Even if she didn’t know she had to go it’s pretty cool she knows all the motions of going. I guess we better get her a potty of her own.

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