18 months

Today, May 22, is Zoe’s half birthday.  I really can’t believe that it’s been a year and a half since we welcomed her into our lives.  The memories that she has helped create over the past 18 months will be with me forever and I am so excited for all the new ones that we continue to make each day.  Every so often, I step back and just watch her doing all those amazing Zoe things, and think about how lucky I am.  The amount of joy and love that she brings into my life is surreal.  There are still days when I pinch myself, asking, “Is this real?” I’m so proud of her for being exactly who she is and filled with honor to be her mom.  Happy 18 months, to my little Zoe Corinne.


One thought on “18 months

  1. Happy one and one-half year birthday to our darling Zoe! What joy you bring to our lives!

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