When I received this week’s U.S. News and World Report I was shocked to see the cover headline, “The Life and Death of a Soldier.” Most often our media resources cover little to nothing about the war. Why is U.S. media is forced to go to all lengths to not report the negative aspects of this war? What do you think it is that our government doesn’t want us to see? Why don’t we have a right to see the nearly 3,400 coffins of American soldiers who have died in this fabricated war and the wounds of countless others who have been injured? When 32 young people tragically died last month at Virgina Tech, why were our American flags lowered for nearly a week, and not for the 104 young soldiers that horrifically died in the same month? Why did Bush arrive on campus the day after the VT shootings to console families, yet has not attended one funeral of a fallen soldier? Are some lives more precious than others?

The U.S. News article profiled the courageous life of Army Staff Sgt. Darrell Ray Griffin Jr. and can be seen at www.usnews.com/iraq. Griffin is quoted as writing:

“We burst into homes, frighten the hell out of families, and destroy their homes looking for an elusive enemy.”

Destroy? Frighten? Elusive? Why are we doing this to innocent Iraqi families? Families like mine and yours. According to the article, the Department of Defense has a new policy that could “limit” troops’ emailing and blogging. Why would Bush and his team not want soldiers telling their stories? Might they actually shed light on the truth of what things are really like over there? For me, this is a very frustrating time to be a young American. I think we deserve answers to the questions of why? I commend U.S. News for this week’s article and would like to see a 7 page story on every American soldier whose life is cut short due to this war.

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