Mother’s Day


We had the most delightful Mother’s Day. Zoe surprised me with a pink Ipod Shuffle! Oh yea! I’ve wanted one for a while now and am so excited to start jamming around with my white earphones! What a perfect gift!


After Zoe’s short morning nap we went to the Garfield Park Conservatory for the second year in a row. It is so beautiful there and Zoe really like walking along the winding paths and smelling the flowers. She tried numerous time to pet the cactus plants, but we successfully yanked her away in time.


After the conservatory we went to a cute sandwich shop in Bucktown and then to my all time favorite ice cream shop ever, Margie’s. We each got a sundae and they were delicious! Zoe ordered a junior split with chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry. It was as big as mine! She was just delighted with it, but knew when she was full and quit with about half of it left. I, too, knew when I was full, but continued to eat and quit when it was all gone!



Zoe and I snoozed on the way home and then we played in the sprinkler in the back yard.

(Please note Zoe’s new swim suit…a size 4T. As in four year old clothes. Yeah, the straps are a bit big, but I’m going to sew them tighter.)


It was an all around perfect day and Zak and Zoe made Mother’s Day Part 2 perfect! I’m so proud to be Zoe’s mom mom!


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