Quick Getaway

I harped and harped on the girls to write lots and lots about the weekend, to think of as many small moments as they could, and to just write more and more. Yet, here I am not really sure what to write about. It was a perfect weekend surrounded by the best folks, with lots of laughs, food, and drinks. We live too far away from Zak’s family to see them more than a handful of times a year, yet each visit is as if absolutely zero time has passed and always begins and ends with giant hugs. I am the luckiest to have ended up with them in my life. I’ll keep this short and leave you with the photos!

wp-1462152016898.jpg wp-1462152027283.jpg wp-1462152035663.jpg wp-1462152043563.jpg  wp-1462152059453.jpg wp-1462152066410.jpg wp-1462152076107.jpg wp-1462152085041.jpg wp-1462152095145.jpg wp-1462152105860.jpg wp-1462152119472.jpg wp-1462152112442.jpg wp-1462152125996.jpg wp-1462152142037.jpg wp-1462152147865.jpg wp-1462152152264.jpg wp-1462152155307.jpg

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