Weekend in Minnesota

This weekend we left for Minnesota. Our first destination was Dunkin’ Donuts. My mom and dad both got coffee. My dad asked my mom “What cup holder do you want?” My mom said “the front one,” but put it in the back. What do you think is the front cup holder?

I think it is the one on the top.
I think it is the one on the top.

We left at 4ish, we got there at 10:30 and only stopped twice. When we woke up in the morning at Aunt Amy’s we had yogurt parfaits and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then Aunt Mindy and Uncle Mark came with Jessie and Josh we were going to leave to get on to the train for the Twins game.  On the train we saw the police take somebody off. We finally got to the stop that we were getting off. We had to walk to the stadium. We had the worst possible seats. They were at the very top, they were the highest possible. When we walked in we got Twins bomber hats that kept the fierce, cold wind off our faces. At the end of the fourth inning we saw a lot of seats open below us. We decided to move to those. My dad, Ellie, Josh, and I moved even further down. A guy came and said “Excuse me, can I get to my seat?” and I ran back to the rest of the group. Keep in mind the whole time my heart was beating very fast because we were switching seats and that’s not allowed.

We ate a lot of food. I got a hot dog, peanuts, cotton candy, and shared some nachos. My mom said if me and Ellie started a wave we would get ice cream. That was impossible because the score was 1-4 and the Twins were losing and it was freezing cold. Nobody seemed to be in the mood for a wave. By the way, who would want ice cream in this freezing cold weather?

For dinner we walked to a place called Ling and Louie’s. They said “we don’t open until five.” We went to a place called the News Room for 45 minutes. Then we went back to Ling and Louie’s and they said they were full, which they obviously weren’t. They did say we could have a seat outside though. We went to Lions for dinner instead. I had chicken wings and Josh ate the bone of one.

This morning we stopped at Caribou Coffee before really leaving. I got monkey bread and my mom let me eat it in the car. That was my weekend in Minneapolis.

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  1. I will justify my reasoning. If you are looking at a line of things, say cupholders a car, the one closest to you is the one in the front. There is no question about it. See, now it makes sense. <3

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