We got a little road trip practice in this weekend with a quick trip to Minneapolis. The “are we there yets” were certainly more pronounced than they were last summer but I’m hopeful that we were able to work most of them out of the girls systems. The ride was luxurious (stay tuned for an upcoming post on our new ride) and we arrived just a bit after 10.

The main reason for the trip was to attend our first game at Target Field. We started Saturday morning with a breakfast of yogurt, granola, cinnamon rolls and more at my Aunt Amy’s, and took the light rail into the city. I’m happy to say the Twins new home lived up to the hype. There were great views of the field from pretty much everywhere, including the main course and the bar that we stopped for a drink at as soon as we walked into the stadium. Eventually we made our way up to our seats and realized we hadn’t adequately prepared for the bitter wind blowing over the top of the stadium. We tried to warm up with a few extra beers, but eventually decided that we’d have to move a bit lower in the stadium. Thanks to the lax security we spent innings 5-8 with a much improved view, and the 9th inning with nearly the best seats in the stadium.

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Sadly, but expectedly, the Twins played pathetically from the start. In the first inning alone they gave up three runs and attempted to slide(!?) into first but missed the base. After the game I checked out the highlights and this was the top one:

Twins Highlight

That’s right, the biggest highlight of the day was a catch made by a fan. At least we got our Twins bomber hats, apparently the hot giveaway item of the season. As we left there were people handing out cash to anyone willing to sell theirs. We looked them up on Ebay and saw them selling for $45 (we kept ours!)

The big surprise of the night was a chance to catch up with our good friend Nic! It had been way too long since we’d gotten to see each other and I’m so glad he saw we were in town and was able to come over.

For me the ride in the car just made me even more anxious to get on the road. We’re down to 38 days until we depart for #RTXVI. It’s so far away. It’s so close. There’s so much to do, but we’re so ready to go!

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