We did many things in Cleveland this weekend.

The first thing we did was drive to Cleveland. It was 5.5 hours. It was a really long drive. We stopped in Indiana for a bathroom break, dinner, and gas. The only restaurant in there was a 3 star Hardee’s. If it is 8:00 and you are STARVING and the ONLY food is Hardee’s then you decide go to the Hardee’s you don’t expect THE BEST FOOD EVER you just expect somebody working and fine, cooked food. Well, the thing is there was nobody working and it smelled awful so we went to a Burger King at 9:00 at night in Ohio. We eventually got to the Holiday Inn Express.

Saturday we did a 11 mile hike in 5 hours. We did the hike in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We saw the Erie Canal and the Cuyahoga river. The hike was amazing. Mom could not do the hike because of her torn Mincuses. We had to cross a super rapid river. We got about half way through the river about 4 times. We just could not do it so we went to the beginning to try a new trail. We made it!

Signs of Spring
1. Little green buds sprouting out of the ground
2. Green leaves on trees
3. Warm weather
4. No winter coats

What did we see
1.  Waterfalls
2. Forestry
3. Park Rangers
4. People
5. Chipmunks
6. Old Electric Company Struck by lightning
7. Erie Canal
8. locks from the Canal
9. Cuyahoga river
10. People painting the waterfall

After the hike we met mom at a bar at the end of the trail. We had nachos. Then we went to our hotel. Guess what kind it is. Hint we changed hotels.
It was a Kimpton. A new one. It is called the Schofield. After wine hour we went to a place for dinner called the Butcher and the Brewer. We had a lot of yummy food. We had a comfy and good sleep.

We left for home at 10:15. We did stop for ice cream. We are now on the way home. It is 11:30.
2:00 we just met my grandma and Grandpa for lunch.
We got home at 5:00.

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