small moments from 1st hike

DIFFERENT VIEWS  The first hike was amazing because it was so cool how every step I took I got a different view. We went down 152 stairs at one time and every step I took the view looked different. And when I looked to the right and left it also looked different. BINOCULARS It was […]

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Starved Rock

Today we went to Starved Rock. It was really muddy, sticky and slippery muddy. I fell multiple times in the mud. My legs were almost off the trail once. I don’t like breaking rules so that really freaked me out. My shoes were covered with mud, so were my pants and shirt. There were also […]

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Practice Hike with a New Toy

I think I’ve mentioned before that one of the biggest deficits that we feel we have in our adventures is our lack of navigation skills. Since we’re going to be travelling a bit off the beaten path with some of our hikes this summer we’ve decided that we’ll need to rectify that situation. I’ve read […]

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T minus 101 days

101 days until we hit the road for RT16. Zak has worked hard all winter booking hotels, securing campsites, reserving hikes, and dreaming about the endless days that slip into the most restful nights. I, on the other hand, haven’t done much. I’ve started a few online shopping carts of more “vintage hiker chic” and […]

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