Starved Rock

Today we went to Starved Rock. It was really muddy, sticky and slippery muddy. I fell multiple times in the mud. My legs were almost off the trail once. I don’t like breaking rules so that really freaked me out. My shoes were covered with mud, so were my pants and shirt. There were also a lot of different views, we saw an ice castle and a lake. The hike was 12.6 miles, took 6 hours, and we went into a lot of canyons. Also, we saw people get a ticket. My parents thought they were drinking. For lunch we had meat, cheese, crackers, apple, and thin mint cookies. There was a lot of stairs so many my mom hurt her knee. I lost a piece to my hiking stick and it made it a lot harder to hike. We got through it all though! I am excited for the summer!

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