Practice Hike with a New Toy

I think I’ve mentioned before that one of the biggest deficits that we feel we have in our adventures is our lack of navigation skills. Since we’re going to be travelling a bit off the beaten path with some of our hikes this summer we’ve decided that we’ll need to rectify that situation. I’ve read up on how to use a map and compass and will be taking a class in April. We’ve also purchased a shiny new Garmin Oregon 650. The good news for you is that it will not only help prevent us from getting lost, but also help us better share our adventures! Check out today’s hike now!

I’ve been getting really antsy to be on the road lately. Sadly, there’s only so much planning that can be done at any given time, so I often find myself reexamining things that probably don’t need any reexamining. I have another post coming up soon about the things that still do need to be figured out about the trip, but that list is getting pretty short.

Another of my big concerns for the summer is ensuring that we’re all physically ready for the challenges that we’ve chosen for ourselves. After today I feel simultaneously reassured and nervous. Our 12+ mile hike was a huge step up from our humble beginnings last year (we started in mid-March by walking a mile around our neighborhood). The lessons we taught over and over about not walking right in front of someone and not whining seem to have stuck since there was very little of either happening today. However, Molly seems to have (re?)injured her leg. With only 101 days until we leave she needs to heal fast!

In any case, today was fabulous. We started on the far eastern side of the park, away from the throngs of people that get us annoyed. We got to hike trails that were thick with mud and that even involved some scrambling and route finding. Exciting stuff! I am absolutely exhausted now, and it’s way past the time I intended to go to sleep. Keep an eye out for more updates soon.

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