small moments from 1st hike


The first hike was amazing because it was so cool how every step I took I got a different view. We went down 152 stairs at one time and every step I took the view looked different. And when I looked to the right and left it also looked different.


It was one point in the hike when I asked for the binoculars and I held them backward now I think binoculars are the best invention ever. Ever since I knew how to hold them right. When I held them backwards everything looked so small and it looked like you were seeing it from far away. When you held it the right way it looked like it was right in front of me.


The first hike was 12.6 miles. It was a long hike. It was all in the mud and that made it even more hard. It got harder and harder until we came to the boardwalk. In the stairs there were holes and Zoe lost the cap to her hiking stick. We started the hike at 9:30. We turned around at 2:30 and we ended the hike at 4:30. All total we spent 7 hours. And that was the first hike we did to get ready for the summer.

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