Spring Break!!!

One year ago we were on our way to Florida for a spring break cruise around the Caribbean.  Today we’re on our way to Ohio to spend the night in Ohio.  Last year exciting activities included swimming in the ocean, fancy drinks on the ship and beach, and rockin’ with the Osmond Brothers. This year highlights have included stopping at the rest area. At least the traffic is better than last year,  Ellie and I haven’t been able to walk any of the trip faster than Zoe and Molly have been able to drive it (yet).

On a positive note, it is still a getaway! We spent most of the first couple hours talking about plans for upcoming road trips. We’ll get to return to Pittsburgh tomorrow, take the girls to Niagara Falls for their first time, and visit Kitchener, Ontario for all of our first time.

Perhaps most notably, this is Bob’s last road trip with us. Just before leaving this afternoon we got the call that our new car was in and ready for us.  I think we’re all a bit sad to have to say goodbye to Bob after traveling all over the country with him. He’s been to the Pacific twice,  the Atlantic at least three times and nearly everywhere in between. The only trouble he’s ever given us was his request for a new exhaust pipe several years ago.  And well some may see his lack of an engine shield as a detriment we see it as a hard earned battle scar that only adds character.

Since we’re back on the road we’re all planning on blogging a lot over the next few days.  I’m sure that despite our more Northern destination we’ll have plenty of adventure to report on.

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