Onward to California

We’re in the car and in CA now, hopefully we’ll make it to Palm Desert before dinner time. As always, Molly made fun of me for being a bit sad to be leaving Las Vegas, although it was easier this time as we didn’t have the excessive good time of our last trip. Molly did a nice job talking about the past few days in her post so I won’t rehash it.

It has been a great trip, Mol and I are amazed how good tempered everyone has remained, especially with a complete lack of schedule. Naps have been taken anywhere from noon – 5 and even been non existant some days, bedtime has been anywhere between 7 and 11.

Highlights for the kids – Zoe really likes the mountains, and I think was a bit relived to be back in them. Ellie saw a guy at the pool she thought was naked, and loudly pointed it out to everyone “That boy’s naked!” (He wasn’t)

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